The international congress FORUM ISSA PULIRE was founded by Afidamp Servizi in 2012 with the goal of creating a much needed new opportunity for reflection, in alternate years with the ISSA PULIRE, event.
FORUM ISSA PULIRE is an interactive vehicle for the manufacturing and services segments, which come together every two years to share an action plan for progress that leads toward a society characterised by advancement and development.

The watchword behind the event themes and activities over the years has been “Cleaning as an Absolute Value”.

The theme is reinterpreted from a philosophical, historical and anthropological perspective which weaves through the threads of the social fabric to discover the weaknesses and deficiencies in our existence.

The collective exercise reminds us to defend our most essential values and guides us on a quest for quality.

The last decade has not been an easy one: we have been distracted by irresponsible actions associated with alarmism on the markets of labour and employment, economic growth, and difficulty in sustaining for many companies, have drawn our attention away from the desire to understand and apply new methods, away from clear and effective planning the priorities of our work, and away from the deep need to believe in and build a better future that is diverse and shared.

In the next edition, the fourth, FORUM ISSA PULIRE aims to gather together the contributions made in the past few years, including the invaluable knowledge, energetic interest, and contagious enthusiasm generated over these recent years and move the stone over the hurdle. The intent is to shape new behaviours and build new inspirations and new knowledge.

FORUM ISSA PULIRE will focus on important topics, significant issues, and powerful developments which will help us understand and plan the best next course of action. The value of memory and the building of a civil conscience, Designing for occupational health and safety, Integrated services management under the ‘new normal’.

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