Many events are celebrated in Italy and around the world at every level

Every day we tackle topics and subjects, methods and systems, thoughts and content in specific ways by drawing on knowledge assets to feed our imagination and optimally orient our situation.

FORUM ISSA PULIRE is a “think tank”, a multidisciplinary container for bringing together thoughts and comparing ideas.

It is a place where the most important industry for our everyday lives, the services sector, poses questions about today in order to understand the underlying causes of what’s happening, to work out how the future is likely to develop so that we may intercept its needs.

We live in a world that has been determined by a protracted yet inexorable process of transformation, a world that, for long periods of history, has been shaped by a process of evolution that, though often pursued unconsciously, is also the result of the tenacious application of human intelligence, seat of our thoughts, imagination, ingenuity and desires.

We want to tell their stories, delve into their thoughts, imagine what their hopes and expectations might be, and share in their vision for the future.


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